Tips for the LIVING ROOM


  • Do have a budding composer or poet work in the North area of the living room. North is the direction of creativity and communication.
  • Do hang four family pictures in wooden frames in the South-East area of your living room, if you consider your family the treasure of your home. If you cherish your friends, place gifts from them or pistures of them in the South-East area.
  • Do put blue, green, or turquoise candles in the North-East area to enhance knowledge, scholarly success, wisdom, experience, and self-development.
  • Do place a large or heavy piece of furniture in the S area of the living room to "anchor" your family when you move into a new home.When you want to sell the house or move away, remove the item.
  • Do use a headboard made of wood,metal,or foam. Match its shape to the element associatd with the direction of the room arches and round shapes for W and NW; rectangles and squares for E and SE; curvy, wavy,or irregular shapes for N; and triangular shapes for S.
  • The NE is associated with wisdom,exploration, intellectual growth,and knowledge; do place your children's desks in the NE corner of their room or ask them to study in the library if their own rooms do not have a suitable NE corner
  • Do position your Buddha diagonally across from and facing the door, which is the positon of power and honor in the room.
  • Do put an elephant in South (the direction associated with long life), East, and South-East areas if it is crafted of wood. Put it in North-East and South-West areas if it is made of porcelain, terra-cotta, or china.
  • Do place, in the West, seven pictures (in silver, copper, or pewter frames) of children to improve you chance of having kids.
  • Do add the colours of green and purple to the South East area of your living room to stimulate the money energy of the family.
  • Do avoid having a lot of electronic equipment in the East area of your family room.
  • Do place your dragon pictures and statues in a lively,busy area of your home, such as the family room-preferably in the E to activate wealth, good health, and harmony
  • Do put, in the NW area of your family room, ceramic figurines representing your favorite travel location.
  • Do hang four family pictures in wooden frames in the SE area of your living room, if you concider your family the treasure of your home. If you cherish your friends, place gifts from them or pictures in the SE area.
  • Do display artwork depicting eight galloping horses, as this is very auspicious. The herd should be facing into the home.
  • Do light your alter with light or candles to distinguish it as a special or holy place.
  • Do keep literature about international relations, trade, travel, leadership, organization, and planning in the NW.


  • Don't buy or use a carpet that has dragon designs on it. Dragons must be able to fly free and are unable to do so if they are being stepped on.
  • Don't keep a potted tree in the center of your home. The center of the home is the earth element and represtents harmonious relationships. Earth is destroyed by wood, symbolized by the tree.
  • Don't place wooden shelves in SW and NE areas or in the center of a room because wood destroys the earth element of those three areas.

In General

  • In Chinese paintings, mountains, girded in clouds and mist, are considered yang; water is yin. Vegetation is the artist's hair, and structures represent facial features, such as the eyes and brow. The most prized paintings have a perfect balance of light and dark, hard and soft, passive and active.
  • In a family room, do balance quiet activities, such as board games, card games, reading, and puzzles, with active pursuits, including table tennis and billiards.
  • If you need a ceiling fan, don't locate it above a sofa,desk, or bed. When you are awake, the rotating blades symbolize the drawing out of energy, and when you are sleeping, they represent energy boring down.
  • Exposed beams represent either emotional or geographical separation among members of your family. Paint them to match the ceiling, cover them with drywall, or drape fabric between them to hide them.
  • Plan and position various pieces of furniture so that chi and traffic move easily around them;avoid placing sofas so that their backs face an entrance.
  • Do group wooden furniture in fours in the South-East area of your living room. Wood is the elementof prosperity and abundance.